Invisible Fence® Brand

Invisible Fence® Brand

The Experts Agree: Invisible Fence® is Safe and Effective

Ask most any veterinarian, dog trainer, shelter owner, or animal behaviorist, and chances are they’ll tell you that the Invisible Fence® Brand electronic pet safety solution is the most effective, most humane way of keeping dogs safe. And with over a million satisfied customers it’s no wonder Invisible Fence® Brand is recommended time and time again.

The Invisible Fence® Brand outdoor solution is designed to fit most any home, whether you own part of an acre or more than twenty, whether you have one dog or many. The system is customized to meet the specific needs of your dog and family.

Every day your dog plays and exercises in freedom. He doesn’t leave your property. He’s not restricted by a chain and no fence is in sight. It’s not a dream; it’s the Invisible Fence® Outdoor Solution.

Invisible Fence® Brand combines advanced technology, professional installation and personalized training to keep your dog healthy, happy and safe. Our innovative Computer Collar® alerts your dog with a warning tone when he’s approaching the edge of the safe area. Our proven pet training protocols help him to obey this signal and stay in the yard.

Unlike traditional fencing, Invisible Fence® Brand systems can also section off and protect a pool, gardens or other landscaping while helping to maintain the beauty and integrity of your landscaping and property. An Invisible Fence® boundary goes practically anywhere – through hilly rocky terrain, wooded areas or even under water – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing.

What’s more, your Invisible Fence® Brand system is backed by the strongest product warranties and performance guarantees in the industry. We offer a one-year, money-back performance guarantee along with lifetime product warranties on professionally-installed outdoor systems. Your pet is safe, and so is your investment.

Proven Safety and Peace of Mind

Our local pet professionals are all highly-trained and ready to help you do whatever is necessary to keep your dog safe. We’re so confident in the Invisible Fence® Brand performance and our time-tested 99.5% success rate, that we offer the industry’s best guarantee.

Now your dog can run, jump and play – free to be a dog – and you can rest easy knowing your family is safe and your beloved pet is secure in his own yard. That is total peace of mind. That is the Invisible Fence® Solution .

The Brand Most Recommended – and Used – by Veterinarians

In a survey conducted by St. John and Partners in 2006, a large national sampling of veterinarian offices were interviewed to gauge awareness, acceptance and preference of electronic pet containment, and Invisible Fence® Brand. The results speak for themselves:

  • Veterinarians are aware of Invisible Fence® Brand products more than twice that of all other competitive systems.
  • 4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend Invisible Fence® Brand to their patients to provide their dogs safety and freedom.
  • Over 80% of all veterinarians and their staffs who own electronic pet containment systems, own an Invisible Fence® Brand solution.

Personalized To Your Dog.

Before training begins, Invisible Fence® Brand professionals talk with you to determine your needs. They then meet your dog to evaluate his temperament, helping to ensure that the training program is paced properly and fits your dog’s personality. Within three to four weeks, most dogs are outdoors running and jumping – free to be a dog – in the safety of their Invisible Fence® Brand System.

Perfect Start™: Easy stress-free training for you and your pet

The Invisible Fence® Brand Perfect Start™ Pet Training Protocol is exactly what its name implies: the perfect early training method for making sure pets learn to remain safely in their boundaries. It’s a series of step-by-step training lessons that quickly, conveniently and comfortably teaches your pet how the Invisible Fence® Brand system works.

Perfect Start™ Pet Training cuts the time – and the anxiety – spent teaching your pet. It’s a protocol that’s consistent with the best training practices. And it’s fun. Perfect Start™ Pet Training:

  • Lets pets discover their new boundaries, and not be frightened of them.
  • Helps strengthen a positive relationship between you and your pet.
  • Works for all types of dogs, no matter the size, age, or temperament.
  • Is so gentle you can use the system on pets as young as eight weeks.
  • Approved By Leading Animal Experts.
  • Increases owner’s confidence and comfort level.
  • Works for cats as well. In fact, cats can often learn the steps even faster than dogs.
  • Certified training from Pet Safety Professionals.
  • Works well with owner’s who may have physical limitations in pet training.