Gold Club Program

Gold Club Program

Gold Club Program

The program cost for this year is listed below, if the program is purchased before February 28th**.  One time 10% off material & labor up to $50.00.  Systems with auxiliary pumps will incur an additional $70.00 charge.  The program is good for the current season and may be renewed annually.

South Bend Indianapolis (Includes Backflow Testing)
1-9 zones $245.00 1-9 zones $335.00
10-15 zones $305.00 10-15 zones $390.00
Auxiliary Pump additional $70.00 Auxiliary Pump additional $70.00
Meter Pit additional $35.00  
Backflow inspection (if completed during spring turn on) $60.00  

**The Gold Club Program will be offered for an additional $15.00 if paid after February 28th.


Benefits and services included with Gold Membership:

Activation of System: (Occurring between Apr, 1st and May 15th, Weather Permitting)    

  • Activate all sprinkler mains and lateral lines.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads where necessary.
  • Check all electrical components.
  • Program controller for optimum watering and efficiency.
  • If requested, perform a walk through with home owner at time of activation.
  • A list of any necessary repairs will be given to the homeowner for approval.

Mid-Season check-up: (Occurring between July 1st and July 30th)  

  • The Gold Club Service will provide a complete inspection of the entire system and its component parts to ensure all systems are functioning properly.

Winterization of System: (Occurring between Oct. 1st and Nov. 15th) 

  • Shut water off to irrigation system.
  • Purge all irrigation piping of water to prevent freeze damage to system.


The above services are automatically scheduled for Gold Club Members and notification sent via email/postcard (please make sure to update billing/email address to ensure quick communication).  You may call to schedule prior to receiving your time/date. You may also reschedule automated appointments if time/date is not convenient for you. 

Response time:

The Gold Club Service receives priority scheduling for all normal service (non-emergency) calls.  

Sprinkler head adjustment and broken zone piping are examples of normal service calls. Flooding caused by broken main lines and zone valves stuck in the open position are examples of an emergency service call  

Emergency Service calls always receive immediate priority and will incur an additional emergency fee. 

Gold Club PLUS Program

Never pay for a covered repair Again!

Enhance the standard Gold Club package with our new Gold Club Plus system protection program for an additional $220.00

This new program includes all the benefits of the standard Gold Club program outlined above, plus covers your system against workmanship and manufacturers defects. That’s no additional cost for expensive items like:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Electric Valves
  • Plastic piping & fittings        
  • Electric Controllers and More

You pay only a $25.00 copay for each covered visit. No copay required for activation, midseason check and winterization.


Please note, not all systems or items are eligible to be covered under this program.  System protection applies to irrigation system and sprinkler components.  

Auxiliary pumps and indoor plumbing components excluded. Excludes systems more than 25 years old.

WISSCO reserves the sole right to determine coverage eligibility for items not listed prior to payment. Programs valid for one season.

PLUS PACKAGE not available for Indianapolis customers


To sign up for the Gold Club: Call or Apply online and you will be invoiced
South Bend: 574-277-9851
Ft. Wayne: 260-424-5296
Indianapolis: 317-587-9851

If you wish to make your payment, click here to go to our on-line payment page.  Please enter “Gold Club” for the “Invoice #“.